AJH Associates gives away a fully functional demo edition of QRS II and GNE. The demo edition is limited to 15 zones and 150 links, but it is otherwise complete and unrestricted.  Both programs are required for running forecasts.  The software runs only under Windows.  Both programs are 32-bit.

The demo edition includes the UTown highway and transit networks.

Install the demo edition by running the setup program for both GNE and QRS II.  Existing QRS II and GNE users are cautioned not to overwrite their current editions of QRS II and GNE.  This demo edition is the latest QRS II 9.  Please report any problems to AJH Associates.

Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10 users should make sure to always set the “reports” and ‘temporary” folders in QRS II to something outside the Program Files folder.

The demo edition does not require a serial number.

Download the demo edition of QRS II 9.
Download the GNE 8.4 demo edition.