Library of reports on project-level travel forecasting

Comprehensive Reports

Analytical Travel Forecasting Approaches for Project-Level Planning and Design, NCHRP Report 765

Note:  This is the big daddy of project level forecasting.  It is required reading.

Guidelines for Project-Level Traffic Forecasting for Hawaii Department of Transportation

Note:  The Hawaii guidelines are a customization and an entirely rewritten cut-down of NCHRP Report 765.  It is much more accessible and features a much expanded treatment of time-series analysis.  This report is far more assertive than NCHRP Report 765 as to its recommended procedures.

State and Other Guidelines

These reports were acquired by the research team during the development of NCHRP Report 765 and have both practical and historical value.  Many of these reports are reviewed in the Appendix of NCHRP Report 765.  There is no particular order to this list.

Forecast Training Handout, Kentucky

Forecast Request Form North Carolina

Travel Forecasting Guridelines, California

Traffic Forecasting Literature Search, Ohio

Traffic Forecast Administrative, North Carolina

Data Collection Traffic Forecasting, Texas

NCHRP Report 255  Note:  This is the forerunner to NCHRP Report 765.

Project Traffic Forecasting, Florida

Analysis Procedures Manual, Oregon

Certified Traffic Manual, Ohio

Traffic Forecasting Guidelines, North Carolina

Developing Travel Models:  Small Cities, North Carolina

Developing Travel Models:  Big Cities, North Carolina

Design Year Traffic Forecasts, New York

NARC Manual Modeling Practice for Air Quality

MPO Traffic Forecasting Workshop Kentucky

 Forecasting Traffic Manual, Minnesota

Traffic Forecasting, Georgia

Fow Chart, North Carolina